In search for a Shikoku Puppy
  • MarioACMarioAC
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to the forums but wish to be very participative in order to get to know as much as I can of these beautiful dogs.

    I'm currently looking to purchase a puppy, I've contacted a few breeders through their websites but some of them don't reply. If anyone has a reliable contact who I could talk, please let me know.

    I currently own 3 athletic and active dogs (1 Siberian Husky, 1 German Shepperd & 1 Doberman Pinscher), was thinking of getting a Shikoku since I've never raised one, I've been reading and researching a lot about their heritage and history, and would welcome the challenge! Plus I know they're also very active and athletic.

    I like getting my dogs involved in my daily activities. Taking them to my morning exercise routine, letting them go to work with me where they can run in huge open places free of a leash and they love it, also taking them to the beach on weekend or just letting them be with me when I go out with friends to parks, other houses with dogs, food truck parks, etc..

    Currently, I live in Mexico City; I just moved 8 months ago but I'm planning to return next year to my hometown and back to my dogs (they are living at my parent's atm) and meanwhile, I would love to raise a Shikoku while it becomes another member of my active team.
  • BjaxBjax
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    @MarioAC Hello! I'm fairly new to the forum myself but welcome! My wife and I have a 1.5 year old Shikoku named Ajax. One thing you may already be very familiar with due to your husky is the amount of fur could be an issue if you live where it's hot.. we're fairly north and the hottest it's gotten on a sunny summer day has been mid-80's, but still Ajax quickly overheats with any amount of activity. He loves running and otherwise being active, we just have to watch him and stop the activity when needed because he would probably hurt himself if we didn't. He absolutely loves winter and especially loves jumping through snow!
  • MarioACMarioAC
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    Novak (Husky) currently lives in Hermosillo with my parents, Hermosillo is hotter than Mexico City but Novak loves it, there's plenty to do and explore near by.

    Since I left the house my parents held to Novak and won't let go. The thing is, he's already part of the family. That's another reason I'm looking for a puppy! I need company here in Mexico City and I know a Shikoku would love to follow on with my active lifestyle plus everything Mexico City and its surroundings have to offer.