hyperactive, obsessive barking during play and rough play in puppy.
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    I was wondering if anyone had dealt with or had any suggestions on how to deal with hyperactive, obsessive barking during play and rough play in a 3 month old Shikoku? I'm worried she's going to do it to the wrong dog and get bit. I've been breaking it up and taking her aside to get her to settle or giving her commands to reset her focus. I know that Shikoku play is very intense and can be rough but at least to curb the obsessive barking would be good.


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    Congratulations. You have a Shikoku puppy!

    But really, the time outs are all you can really do. In my experience this is typical Shikoku behavior, and you just have to work around it till the dog gets older and settles down a bit. But generally, they think it's just way too fun to rile up other dogs...
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    Good to know. I'm looking to get a shikoku pup hopefully in the next couple years. But if I were in your situation I'd definitely be looking for outdoor activities to burn off some energy. Even a playmate could help keep her busy, maybe a friend or a dog park. With close supervision of course. This is only from my experience with other breeds and not with shikoku, though I imagine the concept is similar.
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    I am still breaking my nearly 11 year old Shikoku up from getting too rough with my Kishu all the time. It is mostly a breed trait, I think-- and maybe this is a generalization, but I think it may be connected to how easily stimulated they are.

    I agree with Shigeru. Doing what you are doing may really be all you can do, until the dog gets older and may calm down or "get it."
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    Agree, time outs are best. And it sounds like your typical shikoku behaviour, too. Nothing unexpected there :)

    Meanwhile if the other dog in question is yours or a friend's make sure they have a safe place to go if they need to retreat. It's hard to get a puppy to focus on what you want them to, it's like a small fluff with ADD! But once you find the thing that really excites your shikoku (for Kaja it is chicken, cheese, or her favorite squeaky ball).... it will be easier to divert that behavior in to something else.

    Also idk how much it helps exactly, but I feel teaching a dog to sit before they are allowed to get what they want can help the reset factor a bit. Example: dog playing too rough, so try to divert dog with some other activity... dog goes to you for that activity and sits (rather than just gets hyper active at you instead). New activity ensues.
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    Hahaha what a consensus about normal Shikoku behaviour! It sounds like the time outs and making her sit or something is the way to go. I will keep trying and see if it will help.

    She's also afraid of the hair dryer and I'm not sure how to get her use to it now. If I go to grab it she goes either in her crate or downstairs completely. I've put treats around it and she ate them and ran. I was hoping if I just turned the hair dryer on in the same room not even close to her for a few seconds to a min that she'd get use to the sound then baby step it closer to her starting from just turning it on then off but she runs the minute I go get it :(. Any suggestion on this as it's her fear imprinting period I believe...

    It's all because I had to give her a bath early on and the hair dryer that I used was extremely loud at that time, I didn't even think it could have been something that would scare her, but it terrified her and now it seems shes made up her mind about hair dryers and possibly vaccums too :/ .

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