Came across a Kai Ken while out walking Miko
  • My wife and I were out for a walk with Miko this evening and we came across a man walking a Kai Ken. The man was walking him for his daughter. We just recently moved to very small town so I was kind of surprised. The Kai seemed somewhat guarded but very very beautiful. I do not know if any of you know who owns a Kai Ken in this area, but it was really neat to see one.

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    Where was this? Maybe we know who it is.
  • This was in La Center WA. I want to say the phonetic pronounciation of the dogs name was "Boo row Kaji". The Kai I was told by my wife is a Brindle.
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    Hi! How is beautiful Miko doing in the warm weather?
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  • She is doing great! Our house has an east facing backyard that is fairly shady so she is able to stay cool when she is outside. Plus she has doggie door access to the downstairs where it is really cool. We take her on walks around 830 or 9 when it is much cooler out.