Kishu on Japan Airlines "Dangerous Dogs" list
  • AjaxAjax
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    This is the first time that I've seen Kishu on a list of dogs requiring metal crates to fly in. Instead of "dangerous dogs" perhaps you prefer to call it "dogs who are more likely to break out of their crates and cause chaos is cargo bay," but that's pretty much the same thing. These lists have become quite common with airlines and I wonder if its their insurance companies or actual incidents that have brought them about. The rest of the breeds are some of the "usual suspects", not saying that they should be on the list, but I'm at least not surprised about their inclusion. I find it interesting that pit-bulls are NOT on the list, but I guess they neither have the numbers nor are the ones causing problems in Japan.

    Do Kishu's have a bad reputation in Japan? I didn't think they did. I know they do in Korea mostly because they are mixed with Jindo's to create fighting dogs and a general aversion against anything Japanese. I don't have any current plans to fly with Ajax within Japan, but I would like to leave the option open without spending a fortune. Thank goodness Shikoku's are among the least known of the Nihon-ken, even in Japan, because I can't imagine them being seen any different from the Kishu. I aslo wonder if there is a commonsense age exception that applies to this list. I can't get the imagine of a 8 week old puppy of any of these breeds being required to fly in a metal crate.

  • okironokiron
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    Pitbull is on the not fly at all list, third one on the third row.
  • AjaxAjax
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    That list is of the snub nosed breeds that are restricted during the summer, only the bulldog and Frenchie are always restricted.
  • CrispyCrispy
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    Kishu are sometimes listed as dangerous dogs in Japan. I think they have a bad reputation there.
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  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    Every couple years a Kishu breaks out of a kennel and mauls a person in Japan. Same with Tosa. So both breeds are considered dangerous there.
  • AjaxAjax
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    That's a shame, never knew that. I have noticed that A LOT of people are scared of Ajax.
  • KajaKaja
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    Wait, really? people are scared of Ajax?? Awwww. Is that in the north? Or even In the south are Shikoku not commonly known? Or do they know and are scared anyway? A friends mom heard I had a Shikoku and mistook the idea for me having a fighting dog, so I think she thought I had a Tosa rather than the Shikoku/Kochi ken....

    I once had someone ask if Kaja was a Kishu, was surprised by that. So if kishu are on the no fly list what if an airline guy suspects Ajax is kishu or a Kishu cross? Carry paperwork of the breed if you fly, or point to google? XD

    But honestly I'm surprised to hear Kishu have had recurring instances of escaping and harming people. I'd never heard that before!
  • AjaxAjax
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    @Kaja Well Ajax does look like a big powerful dog particularly compared to the average toy dog kept as a pet here. We're up north, but I don't think the average person, nationality does not matter, is very good at identifying even common dog breeds. I think most people think he's the worlds largest shiba and the medium sized breed that he's most often mistaken for is a Hokkaido. Hokkaido does make more sense geographically.

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