other pets :D
  • Just wondering, do any of you have other critters besides pooches? I am getting a papillon in a few months, and when me and my man buy a house, we'll be adding an akita. In the meantime, we'll probably get a bunny right away, a couple snakes, and maybe a fish aquarium for Mark. Eventually we'd like to add rottweilers and Tibetan mastiffs to the pack. I'd actually love to have a rescue for exotic animals who wound up in the wrong homes with people who didn't do their research and weren't educated enough, and ultimately they realized that they'd bitten off more than they could chew. :(
  • justinjustin
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    I've only had dogs but my dad used to have a ~50 gallon tank with assorted fishies.

    Sounds like you have plans for quite a pack though! Must be a big house (;
  • Yeah Mark has always wanted to buy a plot of land out in the country and has the money to do it, but now is just not the right time. :(
    If Mark would let me I'd have 500 different animals. :)

    Personally I don't like fish. Cleaning the tank and keeping them alive is a pain in the ass, plus they're not good pets for blind people. If Mark wants them so badly he can have them, but they're a lot more work than I care for. :(

    Some pets I absolutely will not have are ferrets and hamsters and girbils. For one thing, Ferrets smell like butthole, and they're extremely aggressive. I dislike hamsters and girbils because they bite for no reason and don't really have any personality.