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  • Just wondering, is there anybody on here that owns or knows about papillons? My boyfriend and I are moving in together in August, and while we are both large breed people, we will most likely be moving into an apartment, and neither of us like the idea of keeping a large dog in an apartment, plus we don't really feel like dealing with breed restriction bullshit, so we decided we'd start out with a small dog and get a large one later. :)
    I have been in love with the papillon breed for as long as I can remember and have wanted one for years. Mark and I went to the Fort Worth kennel club dog show last month and met a couple of great papillon breeders that we really like. However, Mark has his heart set on rescuing and thinks it's wrong to spend thousands of dollars on a dog from a breeder when there are so many in rescues that need a home. I've tried and tried to google papillon rescues in my area, but there doesn't seem to be any papillon rescues in North Texas. If anybody knows of any papillons in North Texas that need a home, please feel free to send me a message. In the end, if I can't find a rescue papillon, how do I change Mark's views on breeders?
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    You probably won't find much relevant information here about Paps since we are mostly Japanese breed folks. Do you have any Nihon Ken or maybe considering one in the future?
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  • No, not at this time, but it's funny you asked, because me and Mark were talking last night, and we're considering an akita in the future. :)
    Guess I better post in the akita section. :)
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    I have cousins that used to have two papillons. I only met them a few times, but they seemed sweet and clever. I didn't know them (the dogs) super well, though. I did like them.
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  • I posted in the akita forum, just so you know. Stop by if you get a chance.