• I decided to put Roe (an unstable aggressive dog) down. After almost 5 years it had become obvious that I could expect no improvements and after a particularly bad attack I had to accept she was just too dangerous to the people that took care of her :(. I had to be the 'bad guy' to the rest of the family and not grieve so that they could be sure that I was confident about my decision, all in all, it was rough.

    But now we are operating at less-than-max dog capacity. I find this unacceptable. Tin-Tin has been so lonely that he's tried playing with my mother's grumpy old hound and the cat and wrestling me. I would be lying if I said I wasn't missing a little bit of the insanity that was my dynamic duo. So I put in an application for an Akita mix puppy at a nearby rescue. They're a private rescue and work with the dogs before hand, do home screenings, and also train therapy dogs so I am confident that this puppy will be coming to me with lots of love, socialization, and human contact.

    However, I am still ever so slightly, uneasy. I want the puppy. I have the time and experience and love for a new puppy. This puppy is quite a bit older than Roe was when I got her and more stable, but Roe was a rescue... Logically I know that the chances of a Roe repeat are slim to none but its only natural to worry.

    I guess I just want to hear some happy rescue stories. I'm not unsure about getting this new puppy I just am fretting needlessly.

    So has anyone had a happy (or bad) experience with a rescue dog?