Advice on how to train a dog to pee and poo at designated area

edited February 2017 in Behavior & Training
Is there a way to train a dog to pee and poo at the specific area? without using dog pads, if possible? He never got train with dog pads when he was young. Hiro was able to pee and poo at one specific spot before, but I noticed he is getting worse now. He would pee everywhere around his play area too. Since that is his play area, he sometimes sleeps there - next to his pee.

Note: he knows not to pee/poo inside the house and around his bed and food area.


  • The only way that I've ever been able to do that is by actually taking the dog to the designated spot, on a leash, every time we go outside and praising when the dog uses the bathroom in that spot.

    I don't really know of any other way.
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