• Hello everybody!

    I want you to introduce to our new male Kai Ken, called Chibi.
    He's an import from Japan.
    Chibi is a few months with us now. He is +- 7 months.
    He is a very sweet boy. He loves to cuddle and loves to be around me.
    In the future I will participate some dogshows and I will do some healthytests.
    I will keep you up to date! :)

    I also got some news of people who I know. They told me that they've seen an other Kai Ken in Belgium.
    I was realy amazed!
    Does anyone know who these people are?
    I would love to meet them!

    Here are some pictures of Chibi


    Greetings from Belgium!

  • CrispyCrispy
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    Welcome to the forum! Congrats on your import! Chibi is quite cute!
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  • Oh he is adorable! I love him! <3<br />
    Just out of curiosity, what color is he registered as?

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  • WhoBitMeWhoBitMe
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    Chibi is beautiful!
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  • jigzzorjigzzor
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    What what a looker! Very beautiful dog. Have a great life with chibi!. Very cute white on his chest too i love it
  • He looks adorable. I'm sure other Kai Ken owners here are willing to give you tips on how to train your pet.
  • zandramezandrame
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    Oh, he is cute! And I love his color!

    I hope he and Yuna are getting along well! :)
  • sunyatasunyata
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    Wow, his brindle is gorgeous! :-D
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  • SayaSaya
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    Welcome. :) Cute dog.
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  • Thank you all! :)
    Chibi is akatora
    Yuna and Chibi get along very well :D they're inseperable.
    They're like twins, Chibi does all the things Yuna does, like sitting on my windowsill ... :)
  • rafatturirafatturi
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    Very pretty! I haven't seen one quite like that.
    photo 10428883_10202259399228531_564340254_n_zps82bfd9ba.jpg
  • Chibi is a really gorgeous dog! He has what I consider the perfect face. You are very lucky!

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