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  • I'm sure posts like these pop up all the time but I'm legitimately having a hard time here. I visited O'ikon's website (old website?) where I filled out a form and never heard back and emailed them only to get a notice saying the email doesn't exist. However their website says they had a litter due this October. How do I contact them? I reached out to Airreyalis as well but all other breeder links seem to be down. Except Akashima but I don't know what it would take to get a puppy across the border. Any help at all would be appreciated. Please and thank you
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    I believe O'ikon just moved so maybe their email has changed too?

    This thread talks about their move. I'd try contact via fb if possible and see if maybe their email has changed.
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    It is possible O'Ikon's email changed so I would contact on FB.
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  • O'Ikon just moved, so it'll take time for them to respond. I reached out via her Facebook to schedule a phone call with her. I know she has a waiting list though, as is the case with most Nihon Ken breeders. Some advice, if you're reaching out saying you want a puppy now, you more than likely won't get a response.
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  • I appreciate the responses guys. I tried looking up o'ikon kennel on fb and it didn't turn any results. Can I be a pain and ask someone to link their profile here?
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  • Thank you so much!!

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