Any Shikoku owners close by?
  • TanuMTanuM
    Posts: 4
    Hi everyone! I'm still pretty new on this forum but my husband I are going be getting our Shikoku puppy this December and I was wondering if there are any Shikoku owners close to Victoria, BC? I'm hoping once we get our puppy we could meet up with other people if they are close by for play dates and share some expierences!! I'm sure there are similiar threads but I wasn't able to find anyone that was close by! Or maybe I was reading the wrong posts! But anyways.. the puppies are only about 3 weeks right now so we still have a little wait! Just getting everything ready for our new addition and we are beyond excited!
  • MBeatsMBeats
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    My wife's parents are moving to the Island so when we go we will be bringing out Shikoku. But that's not for another year. If your in Edmonton msg us.
  • TanuMTanuM
    Posts: 4
    Oh perfect, message us when you're in town and we'll do the same! :)
  • Near Seattle. If you are ever down this way feel free to contact us
  • CrispyCrispy
    Posts: 1902
    If you're ever down by Portland, OR, I have a cranky old Shikoku, too! :p
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  • TanuMTanuM
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    Those are both pretty close! We were actually planning to go on a road trip with the dogs and go through Seattle to Portland! So if all goes as planned I'll message you both!!
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  • EbilEbil
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    So exciting! I'm in Seattle, I'm hoping to get my Shikoku pup next year... I love to meet your puppy.

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