How much does your Shikoku weigh?

I'm curious how much everyone's dog's weigh. At 1yr, 2yr & 5yrs.


  • Miya (female) weighs in at 35 lbs.
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    TK is kind of a tall male 21.5-22 inches), but he weighs 45 pounds. He's 10 years. I got him as an adult at 6 and a half, so I dunno the other ages.
  • We have two males that are 2 years old. The bigger one is only 29 pounds--he was 24 pounds at one year. He's tall and large in frame, but very light.... The smaller one (his littermate) is 34 pounds. He's a little chunkier. We didn't have him when he was 1, so I don't know how heavy he was then.

    We also have a girl who is 1 year old and weighs in at 39 pounds. She's not as tall as our biggest one, but she's just... denser. She looks like a little tank--probably because that's what her dad looks like.
  • Takeo is 3 now, and weighs 39 lbs, he doesn't seem to go over 40. At 1 I think he was about 36 lbs, so not much difference.
  • Yuki is 2 now @ 49 lbs. He was probably about 46 lbs at 1 year old
  • Ajax is 8 months old, about 40 pounds and 20.5 inches tall.
  • Arashi is 4 years old, female and 33 pounds.
  • Simba just turned 1 yr old and she's 39 lbs
  • mayumi is 1yr and weighs 26 pounds
  • Update: Ajax at just 10 days short of 1 year old is now 47.5 pounds.
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    Kaja (female) weighs about 33 lbs, and is 2 years old.
    At 1 year old she weighed about 29 lbs.
  • Update: Ajax at 2 years old is 51 pounds.
  • lol, ill update too

    Mayumi 2 years, 30 pounds.
    (apparently only gained 4 pounds in a year)
  • Kaiya 1 year, 32lbs.
  • Banshee's info: (he is from Mike/Mura litter in 2008)

    2months - 10lbs
    6m - 25lbs
    1y - 36lbs
    5y - 40lbs
    7y - 37lbs
    9.5y - 42lbs (current)
  • Have not been here for a while:
    Kiyomi 4.75 yrs 37 lbs
    Keiko 1.3 yrs 38 lbs
  • Cujo (my wife let my oldest son name him), was born Sept 18, 2017, and was one of the pups from the Bunta-Chacha litter (Arashi was his name).

    Was at the vet a week or so ago for his rabbies shot and he weighed in just over 47lb's. At most he has gained 1lb since his birthday.

    My wife thinks he is skinny (he is not) but I do not think he has 1 ounce of fat on him. One of these days I will try and post pics of him here.
  • Kuma is 1 year and weighs exactly 30 lbs!
  • Rakka is 12 and she has weighed 35-40 lbs the entire time I've had her.
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