My experience with Hokkaido (by Krisz)

From time to time I'm being asked the below questions:

- What is our experience with Hokkaido?
- How are they getting along with other dogs?
- How easy (or hard) is their temperament?
- How easy (or hard) is it to train them?
- How loud are they, do they bark a lot?

Here's my personal experience with Hokkaidos, please read it:


  • Thanks! Genko fits this too in so many ways.
  • Thank you so much for writing this. :) I love reading experiences from others on the breed.
  • The more I read the more it confirms I want one!
  • Interesting. My female Yume is the same as your Seta and is very cautious of strangers and will bite (or at least growl and a big snap) if she doesn't want to be touched. She is quiet, a great guard dog and is always on the hunt for something. Snakes and mice are her latest favorite things to cut in half!
    She is more like you describe a Shiba, if she is busy with something she just ignores you. She listens and does what you want when you have a great treat in your hand, if not she pretty much chooses when she will listen. She loves the outdoors, the rougher the terrain the better and is now quite a swimmer as well.
    Unfortunately she can not be off leash or she will be gone and no dog parks as she will be in a fight within the first minute or so.
    At home she is fine, but doesn't like visitors all that much. Any male human that comes in the house she just wants to hump their leg???. Better with females.

    In my opinion they are a lot of work. It can be a bit frustrating that she can't play with other dogs and that she isn't great with strangers. She is a beautiful dog and kids always ask me to pet her, but I have to say no as I am not sure how she will react. She has never been aggressive around a child, but she also hasn't really been around them.

    Would I get another? maybe???????? but of course I wouldn't trade Yume for the world.

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