Importing from Japan...again

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Hi Everyone,

Almost 10 years ago, I was on this forum learning everything I could about Japanese Akitas. I learned SO much from this community and it took me 1 year from the day I joined to find my pup. We found a breeder through the help of someone I met on this forum and we flew to Japan to meet him. We named him Saigo and he has since filled our lives with so much joy and love.

Today, Saigo was diagnosed with cancer, and in the very late stages. He has a tumour that is about 13cm in diameter in his abdomen, and multiple nodules in other organs. We are all devastated. He is a bit lethargic but otherwise happy.

We had always wanted to get Saigo a sibling, but now it doesn't seem like that will happen, and probably not a good idea given his condition. But my husband is really sad and doesn't want to go too long without a dog, perhaps he thinks getting a new dog might help assuage the pain of loss. Does anyone know what the logistics are surrounding the export of dogs at this time from Japan? We are hoping to go back to Shirai Kennel, but haven't been in touch with Shirai-San for a few years now. Is the kennel still active?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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