Videos of Tomoe and Aisu

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Well I can't figure out how to link to photos on this thing but youtube ought to work right??

So while on lockdown last weekend we ventured with the dogs to a local park out here in the suburbs of Yokohama. I shot this video with my trusty GH5 and hacked a video together with Cyberlink Powerdirector 15 to do slow motion and color enhancing effects.

Then the other day, I walked around my neighborhood and took some shots of the relatively deserted roads. Later that evening we went to a dog training facility we found near the park, still open because they have all of these dogs they keep there (I think its a service dog training facility) but they let you rent their dog runs out privately. So we could take the dogs somewhere to let them run off-leash while being properly socially distanced.'

The Kishu Ken is our Tomoe, now ten years old.

The black guy is our rescue Kai - Kishu mix, Aisu. He's lucky he's so cute.


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