UK Nihon Ken Club - The Association of Nihon Ken

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I hope this is okay to post. I just realised ANK have yet to announce their presence here!

The Association of Nihon Ken
ANK Facebook Page

Hello, and welcome to ANK, the Association Of Nihon Ken [UK], a club especially for UK owners and enthusiasts of the Nihon Ken breeds native to Japan.

The aims of this club will be to:

1. Provide a platform for owners and enthusiasts of the Nihon Ken breeds to share knowledge, experience and information.

2. Promote and exhibit the Nihon Ken breeds where possible.

These are non-exclusive and may be added to at a later date.

The aim of this club is to provide a collaborative effort in order to get the Nihon Ken breeds the exposure to the general public, which they need to move forward towards recognition in the future. This club will not govern or seek to govern the breeding, breed standards or mandatory health testing of any breed – this will be up to the individual breed clubs to decide upon their eventual creation.

As we all know, the Akita Inu And Shiba Inu are currently the only recognised members of the NK family in the UK, and there are very few resources available regarding the other NK breeds over here.
Make friends, discuss breeds, plan meet ups, teach and help others learn more about these wonderful breeds!

If you’re in the UK, we have our first Nihon Ken Breed show coming up too!

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