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I'm happy to announce that the National Kishu Club is officially recognized as a valid breed club by the American Kennel Club. This is great news as it provides an active club body for the breed in the USA, and helps us get a little more control over our foundation population here in the states, in the eyes of our major kennel club.

The club is still growing, but we have officially elected board members and have all of our documents in order to start accepting new membership applications.

Membership for the 2019 year is complimentary.

Visit us on the web or follow us on Instagram and on Facebookto see what we're up to!



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    Congratulations! and good work!

    They didn't make you put "America" in the name, huh? I wasn't involved when this began but as I understand it AKC didn't like our club name originally put forth "Kai Ken Preservation Society of America" and took "Preservation" out.
  • They had no remark on the name. Maybe when the breed leaves FSS they might care...
  • Maybe their level of caring is inconsistent day to day. Anyway, Good on you! Its a good name as it is and I hope they keep it.
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