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Hey guys, let me introduce myself. I am new to this forum!
My name is Liv and i live in the UK. I am 23 and i am a registered veterinary nurse. Where i live we dont see many japanese breeds, but i am really passionate about the nihon ken! I know a lot about nihon ken, especially the shiba, hokkaido, and the akita. My favourite nihon ken breed is the shiba inu! I have a black standard schnauzer called Wellington, and i am soon to be getting a Hokkaido Ken next year in 2019, as i fell in love with this breed more than anything.

I wanna know, who here has a nihon ken (i assume most of you lol) but who is resident of the uk? I have been thinking of organising a Nohon Ken meetup in the UK at some point next year, as i would love to get them all together and create awareness of these fantastic breeds!

Send your pictures of your pooches and names of them below! Hopefully uoull be seeing pics of my hokkaido very soon!

Liv x


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    Hi Liv! Where abouts in the UK are you? I’m in Shropshire and am bringing home my Kai Ken in just under a month, I would be happy to meet up with you so you can meet her. As far as NK in the UK, there’s a good amount of Shikoku here (12 I think is the number I heard recently), three Kishu up im Scotland, one Hokkaido owned by @Six on here, or Toboetsuki Northern Inuits and Hokkaido on Facebook. There are two Kai in the UK soon to be four as my Kai and her brother are both coming here. Myself and Six have briefly discussed a UK Nihon Ken meet, which will happen eventually! We do have a UK NK Facebook group too :D

    Here’s Akiko! image
  • Hiya :-SS glad you made it to the NK forum - lots of good research and reading to be done on here, and if anything will put you off owning any of the NK breeds, you'll definitely find it here :))

    I know you've already met Kirin more than once, but here's a photo of her anyway! You know where we live, just about 5 minutes drive from Stonehenge in Wiltshire (and now my house doesn't look quite so much like a bomb's hit it, we can have visitors lol)!


    @Dana and I have been talking about trying to set up an NK meet-and-greet sometime in the future - getting all the NK breeds together is difficult as the owners are all so spread out (I know all the US owners are probably laughing at us right now), but anyone who wants to get involved we will try to make it happen! I am also planning to contact the organisers of the Essex Dog Day where Kirin showcased the Hokkaido next year and ask if they would be happy to host other NK breeds there too as it would be a great place to help get the breeds into the public eye. Hopefully next year I'll have two Hokkaido to showcase and not just one.

    At the moment it seems like an endless wait for Kirin to come into season. Then we just have to cross our fingers and hope everything goes to plan [-O<
  • Welcome to the forum!
  • We definitly should do a nihon ken meet up in the uk at some point, it would be something that would bring great representation to these breeds and a fun day out. I Would love to organise something, potentially something in the midlands? as that would roughly be in the middle for most people in the UK? Or london as its the easiest place to get to in terms of trains/roads/flights. I think it would be a great idea!
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