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This is another breed that interests me. They're a fairly new breed, and they're being bred specifically as companion animals, which adds to their appeal. What experiences, if any, has anyone here had with Eurasiers?


  • They're a neat breed. I've never met one in person tho.
  • My Neighbour had two of them... Very calm dogs, they would waddle around slowly whenever I saw them. Very very slowly actually - I can't recall another mid-sized dog being so slow moving.

    They wouldn't bark too much, and once they recognized it was me (their neighbour) they'd stop barking. They took awhile to warm up to strangers, but were very affectionate with us after they did. They were very patient with my 3 year old as well.
  • I work in a vets as a vet nurse, and we had a local breeder who bred Eurasiers. All of her dogs were very well health tested and looked after. Her dogs were well behaved, however some were very stressed in a vet environment. They were pleasant dogs though and never needed to muzzle any of them as they were also well socialised. i really like them. They grow to be about 25kg on average (some a bit smaller). They are wary of strangers bt once they get to know you warm up to you. As far as i knew (only can go from a vet point of view) we never actually hospitalised hers for being unwell, so they seemed to be fairly healthy. Only thing i noticed is they ended up having caesarians to give birth a lot. They seemed to struggle to have anything happen when whelping, or the puppies ended up being too big to pass. We did a number of caesarians on her whelping bitches. They averaged litters of about 5 but some had more. Hope that helps! :)
  • Oh! I had the pleasure of showing some very lovely Eurasiers for their family at an AKC event. I can't say anything bad about the breed, from a behavior standpoint. I know the one I helped show went on to be a therapy dog, and they all seemed very well-suited for it, tbh.

    None seemed particularly wary of strangers, but could be aloof until you sat with them a bit. They were all mild mannered, and even my combative male Kishu could find nothing to be offended about in them.
  • I've met one and he was a pretty cool dog... very laid back and sweet. They seem like they'd be a very good beginner spitz breed imo, but keep in mind that this is going off of my very limited experience with them.
  • They sound like easy dogs, if such a thing can be said. I think they're gorgeous, so I find them quite tempting. My chow-kita was aloof, but calm and gentle with strangers. Since he was my first, that characteristic is dear to me. I think it's one of the things I love about spitz breeds. I keep hoping that one of these days, I'll bump into a couple Eurasiers in person.
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