4 month old Akita

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Hello! I am getting a 4 month old Akita inu from Poland, any tips on training him at that age?



  • Since I'm not sure what kind of breeder you're getting him from, it's hard to tell what kind of training/socialization he's already had. If this is a good reputable breeder, hopefully he will have been house broken at the very least. :)
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    Train him to sit and lay down and come as early as possible. Once they get past say approximately a year old and you don't have these commands mastered. It will be very hard to get a good recall. With Akita it is hard to get a reliable recall anyways. But if your gonna be successful with obedience this is a key point. I have had two Akita that their parents came from Poland.

    Crazydoglady is right about the breeder socializing them during the first 4 months as the USA won't allow them in before four months old if its from certain countries. One of mine came from Romania and I had to wait. Sorry it's been a few years, I don't remember what diseases they were worried about. Maybe rabies... My breeder did real well socializing my puppy. He also got lots of time with his mom and siblings. Which is important to learning lessons early in life, like bit inhibition.

    I have also learned that there can not be to much of healthy socialization. You do not have to worry about your Akita being to friendly no matter how well he is socialized he will not let strangers in your house, unless your standing next to him. Then he still most likely won't be real happy about it. Akita tend to not trust strangers.

    But there can be unhealthy socialization. So you should definitely learn the difference. There are several books that you can read. I bet someone will chime in with some good book titles.

    The best book I can suggest you get asap is Treasure of Japan 2.

  • Yeah he has to be quarantined for 1 month due to rabies vaccinations and the kennel is called Sakura no sono, thanks for the replies
  • Question, why are you getting an akita all the way from Poland? It just seems such a pain in the ass to go through all that red tape in order to import a dog from overseas when there are millions of akita breeders in the US. I'm actually surprised that any reputable breeder would even dream of shipping their puppies outside the country without having met the potential owners in person.
  • @crazydoglady There are not as many Japanese Akita breeders in the US. There are a handful of responsible breeders, but my guess is that they cannot fill the numbers that Sakura no Sono can. I think a couple people have imported from them -- both Akita and Kishu they have bred live in North America, now.

    @Logan138 The biggest demand you are going to have is that one of your major socialization windows will be shut by the time you get your pup. Expect your pup to need a lot more careful socialization. Training is going to take the same as a younger dog. Socialization is what will suffer getting a dog that late, unless they are willing to do it for you.
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    @crazydoglady exactly the reason crispy said. And the socialization is what I was wondering about at that age, thanks for clarifying that! @crispy
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    Many people import from Europe because they were denied by responsible breeders or are too impatient to wait, and the European breeders just don't care and will sell to anyone. (Same with some big name breeders in Japan, but European breeders are more likely to read/write English.)

    Not to say that's why everyone does it -- but why many do. A significant number of dogs we deal with in JA rescue are actually imports that people got, they weren't ready or prepared for the breed, and the breeder couldn't or wouldn't support them from overseas, so they dump the dog.
  • I wasn't denied and I've been looking for an Akita close to three years now, I live in Buffalo, NY and there are no breeders close to me at all.
  • There are three on the east coast (Canada) and many more in the states that are closer than Finland.
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    I was going to say-- even California is closer than Poland. :)

    Either way-- I would worry most about critical socialization periods lost.
  • There's BayCrest Akita's in Maryland. That's pretty close to NY.


    They're really selective with where they place their puppies though. I know one of their dogs played as Hachi.
  • @TreySmith417

    The OP is looking for a Japanese Akita/Akita Inu. Baycrest doesn't to Japanese Akitas that breed Akitas/blends.
  • I will tell You why many people decide to get a Japanese Akita from overseas. First question is, do American breeders have enough experience about the breed? Answer is no! Even when to watch pictures from Akiho branch show in LA the level is just scary!
    Second we have two options of sending puppy to USA to 12 weeks on CDC permission so new owner just inject only rabies vaccination for a dog. Smaller puppies better handle with stress than adult dogs! And if puppy will go to new family before entering a social windows, You can socialize puppy and Yourself as puppy owner.
    Second option is for educated breeder which just must see how puppy develop and so on to continue well preservation of the breed in USA.
    Dear lady's and gentlemen's don't think about primitive breed as about any other breed ! Japanese Spitz are total different than others.
    If any of You want to talk about Japanese Akita can contact with me at hodowla.sakura@gmail.com or by WhatsApp at +48784099823
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